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Reading on worlds, bodies, desire

Hello, fellow reader! I have been away so long that I haven’t gotten to post about two more poems of mine that have gone live, for which– let’s pretend I have proper excuses for that and move on, shall we? Here, I shall bribe you with tea! Good, good.

One poem is The Exile, i., up at Stone Telling 11: Reverberations.. This was my first sale/acceptance, something I’ve written about at length before. What I haven’t said is that this poem very narrowly escaped being trashed — or at the very least, never being submitted, ever. Initially all I was going to send to Stone Telling was Seeds, but then I decided– why not add in its younger sibling as well, for all that the latter was raw and more like a song than a poem. I was very surprised when it turned out to be the poem Stone Telling chose!

The other poem is Ahas, tala, up at Interfictions. The bones of this poem are very old and I was starting to despair over ever finding a way to finish it. But there we go! It is a mirror-poem, a snake-poem, and I’m quite fond of it.

I should write up more poem notes later. In the meantime, look! Recs!


  1. Inventory by Carmen Maria Machado. How, how can something be so brutal and yet so beautiful at the same time? How can I adore this story so much even as it rips my heart out? I don’t know. But there it is. I didn’t think a zombie apocalypse story could be like this, but oh, this is genius.
  2. Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife by A.C. Wise. I’ve been loving the stories I read in Shimmer — all so utterly outside expectation, and unapologetically, gloriously so. This is a gorgeous, sexy story, and there are tentacles and the sea and an abundance of words so richly and sensuously used I couldn’t read it without blushing. Good good goooood.
  3. In Winter by Sonya Taaffe. Short, but wow– each line is a fragment of poetry, a shard of brightly glinting glass. And like the best poems, this story contains worlds layered with so much history, so much pain, snow and war and the glint of guns, and it draws one into it with certain skill. I could still feel the cold, see guns and sunlight and forests, after reading this story.
  4. This Shall Serve As a Demarcation by Bogi Takács. I am having to restrain myself from keysmash because I have so many Feelings about this story; I mean, how even– kink and science fiction and magic and the living planet and serving and oh, oh, oh. The relationship between Enhyoron and Î-surun touched something very deep within me; I did not know I needed to read a sci-fi story with D/s protagonists who are happy, who thrive, but I so did.
  5. Wine by Yoon Ha Lee. I have admired Yoon Ha Lee since I first read a story by them; I find their writing’s beauty unmatched, so graceful and supple and bladed. Each story feels like a weapon, deftly cutting my heart open– this is no exception, and I think one of my favorites among their stories. War and terrible choices, a plot that feels like a labyrinth of teeth, a world of horrific beauty. Breathtaking. I have reread this, oh, at least five times I’m sure, and it remains a stunning, complex read.

I had a list of poems to rec as well, but as today I’m a little unwell I will reserve that for the next post– oh, and they’re such beautiful poems! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading the stories!

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