On the last day of 2014, Goblin Fruit – Fall 2014 went live, and my poem Manananggal was in it! Such a lovely way to start 2015 in the company of brilliant poets — when I was finally able to read the whole issue in order I found myself breathless with wonder and awe at the end. It is a magnificent issue, and even now I still have to fight disbelief/doubt and the voice that says in my ear, what a fluke, you don’t deserve to be published alongside such amazing writers! Well. We struggle onward, despite such voices, and take what joy in poetry we can.

Speaking of disbelief, doubt, and fighting impostor syndrome and other awful things, the ever-wonderful Rose Lemberg linked me to Amal El-Mohtar’s post on awards eligibility lists, which is full of badass encouragement and yes yes yes, and so in that spirit– here are my poems (all four of them, haha!) which are eligible for Rhysling nominations:

Long poems

  1. Ahas, tala in Interfictions 4
  2. The Exile, i. in Stone Telling 11

Short poems

  1. Seeds in Strange Horizons
  2. Manananggal in Goblin Fruit Fall 2014

There! And now, having performed the badassery of the day, I shall now hie myself off to bed. Thank you as always for reading!