After months of wibbling (totally a word) about how I couldn’t post because I had nothing of enough import to say, I have decided that as it is my blog I get to post things that are as light and fluffy as I like! So.

(Besides, I realized I’ve missed quite a few things that are worth reading, anyway.)

Two months ago I participated in the SFF in Conversation series of roundtables at The Book Smugglers, together with such brilliant writers as JY Yang, Bogi Takács, Zen Cho, and Aliette de Bodard, with Charles Tan moderating. After weeks of discussion we emerged with our roundtable, On Diversity. Quite an experience discussing such a fraught and complicated topic as “diversity” with people I admire so much! Happily, I think quite a few people read our teal deer conversation, and it even made it to io9, something I found both staggering and delightful (although I really, really do not recommend reading the comments there).

What else? I have a poem coming up in Strange Horizons sometime in the future — it’s called “Adarna” and it’s one of the pieces I’ve had the most difficulty with, and I was so happy that SH, via one of their new poetry editors, Li Chua, took it. Thank you very much, SH!

Illustration-wise, I did the illustration for Kin, Painted by Penny Stirling over at , which is now live and available for viewing! Gorgeous story and I had such a fun time with the different colors and patterns.

Also! Just today, The Book Smugglers (wow they do so much awesome work) unveiled the cover for the last book in their First Contact series, The Vishakanya’s Choice by Roshani Chokshi. The cover was done by… yes, me! I am still so ridiculously excited, pleased, and nervous about it — digital art is the usual cover fare, of course, and it’s a magnificent story, one wants so much to do it justice! Do check it out (and let me know if I did, haha). The story will be available to read for free online on 25 August, but you can go ahead and buy the ebook now, which gives you a lovely little thing to keep on your reader.

I look forward to having more interesting updates and good news soon. In the meantime, I’ll keep working hard to keep putting stuff out there!