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A smattering of strange wonders

Awesome SFF online magazine Strange Horizons is doing its annual fund drive — SH is a non-profit and is entirely volunteer-run, so it depends on fundraising to keep going. This is a post to say two things:

  1. Please go donate if you can! There are lots of awesome prizes, including Strange Horizons: The First Fifteen Years, its 15th anniversary ebook! (Which all donors at the $10+ level and above get, as well as all Patreon patrons) My poem Seeds, my first publication, is included in the ebook! (EEEEEEEEEEEEEE ♥)

  2. SH absolutely deserves support; it’s a venue that publishes stunning stories and poems, as well as really good thoughtful non-fiction pieces; it’s one of the most welcoming venues to first-time writers and newcomers to the field; its archives are this brilliant wealth of diverse perspective and experimentation with form; and– look, I went through the archives, just did a quick ten-minute browse, and already saw so many amazing pieces. The consistency of quality and interestingness is one of SH’s great strengths.

Some of the things I found in just those ten minutes, just as a sampler (not going to do descriptions because I’m really low on energy right now, but they are all wonderful pieces):

  1. The Wives of Azhar by Roshani Chokshi
  2. Hundred-Eye by Yukimi Ogawa
  3. Glaciers Made You by Gabby Reed
  4. City of Salt by Arkady Martine
  5. The Truth About Owls by Amal el-Mohtar
  6. Nkásht íí by Darcie Little Badger
  7. Santos de Sampaguitas by Alyssa Wong
  8. The Great Detective by Sarah Brooks
  9. Never the Same by Polenth Blake
  10. Resurrection Points by Usman T. Malik
  11. Witch, Beast, Saint: an Erotic Fairy Tale by C.S.E. Cooney

…I could go on! (In fact, as I was writing this up, I saw several more stories further down on the screen that I wanted to rec, but you know, I only planned to list five at first and now I’m up to eleven…) But see, see? In sum, SH is a really awesome place and let’s help it get to its goal please if we can — and also those stories are awesome, go check them out!

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