M Sereno (Likhain) is a queer Filipina who lives in Australia and dreams (always, always, always, because sleep is truer than waking) in the Philippines. She is an artist and writer who likes dabbling and getting into too many fields for her own good. One would think after twenty-odd years she would have learned better, and yet. And yet.

She lives in regional Victoria with her beloved partner and two ridiculous pomeranians + a princess cat, who so far have avoided showing up in her writing for all that their fluff gets everywhere else (the pommas and cat, not her partner).

Drop her a line via email or find her on Twitter as @likhain.

“I thought your first letter might be spam but with the second I figured you must be a real person. I’m missing context but I thought the poem was quite interesting.”

-a stranger to whom M sent a poem draft in error





M’s art site lives at Likhain. If you like her work, please consider supporting her via her Patreon, which helps her pay rent and utility bills, buy ink as she runs out, and keep her pommas fed.